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Welcome to the User Guide!

Secondary Menu Options

E-Mail Services

Basic System Operations

To access any messages or features of your Universal Number, first dial your Universal Number. When the greeting begins press the # key, then enter your password followed by the # key.

From all Secondary Menus you can hit the * key to return to the previous Menu.

The Main Menu options are listed below:

Main Menu

Press 1 to  listen to current messages then go to Message Menu
Press 2 to  listen to saved messages then go to Message Menu
Press 3 to  create a memo then go to Memo Menu
Press 4 to  record greeting
Press 5 to  play greeting
Press 6 to  change your options then go to Options Menu
Press 9 to  hang up
Press 0 for account information

Secondary Menu Options

When you select option 1 or 2, the Message Menu or Saved Message Menu, the following options are provided:

Message Menu
Press 1 to listen to next message
Press 2 to save message
Press 3 to remove message
Press 5 to fast forward
Press 6 to replay message
Press 7 to listen to previous
Press 8 to rewind message
Press 9 to hang up
Press 0 for caller ID, date & time (Additional fee for caller ID)
Press * to return to main menu
Press # to send message

When you select option 3, the Memo Menu, the following options are provided:

Memo Menu
Press 1 to pause
Press 3 to remove
Press 4 to send to distribution list
Press 6 to replay
Press 7 to save
Press * to return
Press # to send to an account

When you select option 6, the Change Options Menu, the following choices are provided:

Change Options Menu

1 to change transfer number which is also your live transfer number
to change pager number
to change WhereAmI number
to change password
to record Name

and then:
to toggle service mode (do not disturb)
     1 thru 99
to select greeting then # key
to select transfer number
to set security ID
for wake-up service

First Time Use Directions

When you first call your Universal Number wait for the greeting to begin and then hit the # key to access the box. Enter the password you received via your e-mail, followed by the # key, and this will take you to the Main Menu. All the directions below start there.

Change Password Press 6, then press 4
Enter your new password then press the # key.
Record Greeting Press 4 to start recording your greeting.
Listen to the instructions.
Press # to stop recording.
Change Transfer Number Press 6, then press 1 and Enter the ten digit phone number you want your calls transferred to.
(There is an additional fee for this service.)
Change Pager Number Press 6, then press 2 and enter your ten digit pager number then press the # key.
Change WhereAmI Number Press 6, then press 3 and enter the ten digit phone number you want the system to call to deliver your messages then press the # key.
Listen to Messages Press 1 to listen to new messages and press 2 to listen to saved messages.

Pressing the * key from any Secondary Menu, such as the Message Menu, will take you back to the Main Menu.

E-Mail Services

To access the e-mail server, click the E-Mail Services button on the navigation bar at the top of the page.  Once you are at the e-mail main page, your User ID is your phone number with '' at the end.  Your Password is the password to your voice mail box. Your E-Mail account works the same as any other account.  You can send, receive, forward and delete just like normal.

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