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This service takes multiple boxes and links them together in an array of patterns. The many uses of this programming feature include: Menu Options, On Hold Messages and Dial by Name Directories. There is no set up fee, but does include a monthly fee of $3.00.

The example of Scripting below includes: 1 $25.00 Business Basic Box and 5 $10.00 each Baisc Plus boxes linked together.
  • The menu would sound like this: "Thank you for calling Service Company X. Press 1 for customer service, 2 for technical service, 3 for a billing representative, 4 to schedule a service call, 5 to check on the status of a service call, or 6 for a directory of names."
  • Each option is linked to a specific box. Once an option is selected the box it is linked to can either take a message or transfer the caller live to a representative at a pre-programmed phone number.

  • We recommend, as a minimum for our Scripting Service, a Business Basic box and any number of Basic Plus boxes. Any combination is possible, however.

If you would like to add the Scripting Service to your Universal Number boxes, please Contact Us describing the structure, number of boxes and an example of your initial greeting.

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